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Light & Shadow

Updated: Jan 3

3D Modeling & Rendering



Practice the photographic approach to 3D modeling— FOCUSED ON LIGHT SHADOWS, AND COMPOSITION.







I have always had an attraction to black and white photos and the extreme contrast that some artist like Stefan can present so beautifully. This 3D model was inspired by the photograph Vanishing Point by Stefan Krebs. His work is beautiful in all its minimalism. I am glad I got to experience the difficulty of recreating this piece.

Vanishing Point by Stefan Krebs from


Creating realistic lighting for a 3D space was much harder for me than I thought it would be. As an artist with experience in drawing, painting, and photography I thought it would be simple to create artistic pieces.

I've realized I need to begin every project as if I'm actually in the space. That seems like the obvious thing to do, right? I noticed that I would get so caught up in building the 3D objects that I would save the composition and lighting until the end. I definitely have to start with space planning even though it's not a real project. I came into this thinking I could wing it. I can't since I am still perfecting my skills in the foundation of 3D modeling. I am not at that level yet.

I am used to drawing light sources for portraits but I need to continue researching interior spaces to view how light hits objects and reacts in full rooms. It's a slightly different thought process but I'm sure I can do it!

I also need to figure out how to render high-quality images from Enscape.


To view in Full Screen: Click once, then click the double expanding arrows at left corner.

Thanks for joining my 3D journey! I am excited to see what else we get into. Until next time!


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